Real Chaos Limited


Real Chaos was incorporated in January of 1999. We have two employees with over 75 years of combined experience in all areas of Information Technology. We have extensive experience with Windows and Apple systems, including cross platform integration. We have worked with many graphic artists and printers in the Columbia area.

Real Chaos Limited provides:

Hardware and software design

Network design, installation and optimization

System integration services for clients of all sizes in any industry sector

Cross platform networking (PC, Mac’s)


Harry Smith


- Multiple-platform local and wide-area networking

- Computer aided design & drafting systems

- Hardware design including servers and raid systems

- Windows Server OS installation and tuning

- Project management

- Transaction processing software

Larry Smith

Vice President

- Local and wide-area networking

- Apple Hardware and Software installation and setup

- Apple Hardware and Software diagnostics and repair

- Non-warranty Apple hardware repair

- Cross platform networking

- Apple system tuning

  1. -OS-X client and server installation and configuration

  2. -Worked with Macintoshes since the first one came out in 1984


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